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Westlodge Pet Hotel
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Green Oasis
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Gardens & Grounds

The Healing Power of Nature

Our gardens and grounds make any pet's stay feel more like home, from healing herbs to exotic plants and mature trees.

No walking on concrete or empty fields here! There is so much to do and see, pets revel in the moment.

Let 's Go !

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One Acre Paddock
Gardens & Grounds
Private Gardens

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We have stunning Gardens and Grounds here, and whether it is a slow amble through the mature gardens, or some race track fun in our play paddock - dogs LOVE being here. They adore the amount of exercise, fun and exploring they can have with friends (human and canine!).

Golden Retriever running joyfully across a field
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Activity Levels

The level of activity your dog needs will be carefully matched.

For extremely active dogs we provide freedom & space to charge around off-lead to get exercise and fresh air in our our secure, enclosed 1 acre paddock with trees and accompanied by their dedicated carer.

For dogs who require low activity levels, but full of interest too, we can take them on a tour of our grounds and gardens which are full of interesting sights, smells and sounds. Meandering along our winding garden path, they will discover anything from scented plants such as lavender and wisteria, to Koi Carp in our large pond and our lively aviary.

Three small dogs on leads waiting for their walk
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Freedom & Space

Why are freedom and space so important to your dog, and for us to offer?

The freedom to charge around like a mad thing, sniff the air, investigate smells and messages from other dogs, play with our carers, burn off energy and run with the wind - all of which dogs need and adore, but can only be done off the lead.

That's why we have a secure, enclosed 1 ACRE paddock just for dogs. This safety and security allows us to let your dog off the lead to do what dogs do - being dogs - and being happy. They can play in as much of an acre as their heart desires!

Two dogs sitting  together in a field, tongues hanging out after playing and running
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Glory in Nature

Our Luxury Dog Hotel and Boarding Kennels are set in tranquil, glorious surroundings.

Our beautiful gardens are teeming with wildlife, natural scents and sounds, and interesting things for dogs to watch.

It is a joyful place for dogs to stretch their legs, sniff the air and investigate new things.

Follow the meandering path through the gardens, watch the Koi Carp in our large pond, the birds in our aviary, walk under the dappled shade of trees or take a seat under the wisteria and enjoy the sunshine.

Panorama showing the gardens from the cattery on the left to the kennels in the middle and the main house on the right
Panorama showing the gardens from the dog hotel across tothe main house
Panorama showing the whole site from a distance
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Combine your dog's stay with a therapeutic, relaxing and enjoyable swim in our 5 x 3 metre Hydrotherapy Pool  .

All we require is our referral form to be signed by your vet to give your dog the all-clear in fitness to swim. We can then arrange a therapy swim with our qualified, registered Hydrotherapists.

Once your dogs have finished their swim, we will then shower and shampoo your dog in our Spa to complete the overall experience.

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I hope you've loved seeing our beautiful gardens and our guests having fun.

If you would like to see them for yourself, or if you have any queries (no matter how large or small), please don't hesitate to talk to us.

We will be delighted to walk you through the gardens, play areas and talk you through the care your dog will receive with us.

You will always be welcomed warmly at Westlodge. Marc x

For further information, or if you have any questions or would like to visit us ~ please feel free to ask me (Marc) or any of the Westlodge Staff for details

Come visit us (please make an appointment) during Opening Hours and we will be delighted to walk you through the gardens that provide views for cat guests and all the special interest areas we provide for dogs.


You are very welcome to make an appointment for a viewing.

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