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Dog Suites

from £27 per day

Fabulous Dog Boarding in Cambridgeshire

Our dog suites are filled with natural daylight, great decor, beautiful views and the most comfortable, snuggly soft dog beds.

Naturally, we provide a dedicated Carer for all your dog's needs.

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Dog Suites like no other, especially designed for the ultimate in canine holiday accommodation.

We care for all ages, from puppies up to senior dogs and very elderly dogs.

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Highest Standards

Dedicated to Quality

We provide quality canine care and accommodation and our boarding kennels is built to the highest standards, minimising the risk of the spread of canine diseases, and creating a healthy, stimulating and safe place for dogs to stay.

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Complete Care

We take security very seriously and the welfare and safety of our guests is our utmost priority.

We have CCTV on the front of the property, the gardens and on every entrance. All main buildings have alarms. Multiple sensors cover the gardens.

Should anyone approach the kennels and cattery the sensors trigger the alarm before anyone can get to any doors. We live on site and people are here 24/7. The alarm can been heard in the house and also triggers my phone to alert me instantly.

Marc, owner of Westlodge Pet Hotel

Now, let's view the Dog Suites!



Stretch Those Paws!

We carefully chose the size of our suites. They're extra large, as all active dogs need their space, dog families need even more, and all dog guests love to relax and stretch.

Dog sitting on a plush Union Jack rug in a large dog room with a London bus mural in the background
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St Bernard dog sitting on his bed with TV up on the wall above him and a large sofa in a light and sunny room
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Large studio room with full size bed, sofa and Winnie The Pooh theme
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Light & Bright

Natural Light

Our dog hotel is light and bright, providing lots of natural daylight for the dogs in our care. They can relax in their suites in comfort and safety.

Lhasa Apso dog sitting on a sofa in a light cheery room overlooking the gardens
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Small dog sitting on a lap in a sunny room
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View of the outside of the dog hotel on a sunny day showing all the large windows overlooking the garden
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Soft & Comfy

Snuggly Bedding

We have taken great care to choose the softest, comfiest bedding that's also stunning!

All ready for a quick dog nap, a morning snooze, an afternoon siesta and of course, bedtime with a treat (or even better, a special friend).

We are very happy to have your dog bring any special comfort items that they love. This could be favourite toys, blankets or bedding they love to snuggle up in.

Two Yorkshire Terriers sitting on a full size bed on a plump pink duvet with a dog pattern. One dog is holding his Teddy Bear!
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A Golden Retriever puppy relaxing in a soft bed with his favourite bone
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A dog resting on a comfy sherpa fleece on a large sofa with a Winnie The Pooh theme
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Garden Views

Full of Interest

Views over our gardens and wildlife areas.

See our Gardens & Grounds.

View of the exotic gardens
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View of the paths around the gardens
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View of the garden walk to the dog hotel
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Dog Play Areas

Room to Run & Play

We have a secure one acre paddock just for dogs.

Learn more about our Gardens & Grounds

A Golden Retriever running happily across the paddock
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A dog resting after playing with his tennis ball
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A dog running across the field, ears flapping!
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Our Extras


For dogs who are nervous, sensitive or have separation anxiety, we have special suites available which are much more home-like (including beds, sofas, TVs and even their own private garden).

We also offer Adaptil/DAP (calming therapy) to reassure more sensitive or nervous dogs.


We do not charge anything for administering medication for your dog.


Every dog is brushed and cared for individually throughout the day by their dedicated member of staff.

T   V

Our Beach Apartment and Studio Suites have their own TV with choice of suitable canine programs, or your dog's choice!


We feed the same diet as your dog has at home (as it is best to keep things normal), whether standard, prescription, or natural/ organic.

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Dog Suites

Our Dog Suites are filled with daylight, are extra-large and have stunning views.

Sun Sea Sand

The Beach Apartment (XXXL)

1 x Supersized Family Suite with Garden Views

Very large dog apartment with murals of windows looking out to a sunny brach theme with a full size single bed and a Lhasa Apso dog sitting in a full size armchair, looking out to the garden

A gorgeous sandy beach theme and lots more room for your dog to relax and feel like they have the comforts of home and yet also on holiday, right by the ocean. With extra walkies!

Our very large, sumptuously furnished and decorated apartment has TWO indoor rooms AND also a private garden, for owners who want somewhere extra special and extra spacious for their dogs.

Bedroom - en Suite
Full sized bed and armchair to relax in, with garden views.

  • 12ft x 10ft luxury bedroom.
  • Full-size bed for ultimate comfort.
  • Radiator heating for constant warmth on chilly nights.
  • Non-slip Marble floors.
  • Intriguing views from double-glazed patio doors overlooking our gorgeous gardens.

Living Room
Full sized sofa to relax on with your own TV and views over your own private garden and beyond.

  • 12ft x 10ft playroom.
  • Non-slip Marble floors.
  • Flat Screen TV & DVD Player to feel completely at home.
  • Great views from double-glazed patio doors overlooking your own private garden and our stunning gardens.

Private Garden
Your own private retreat, for sunbathing, playing and sightseeing.

  • Own private garden.
  • 4 walks daily in our 1 acre play paddocks

The Beach Apartment Daily Fees:

1 Dog £36
2 Dogs £54
3 Dogs £67
4 Dogs £80

City Chic

London Suites (XXL)

Large Double Suites for 3-4 days

Very large dog room with mural of a red London bus and telephone box, a miniature white Poodle sits on a platform and a plush Union Jack rug

Pamper your dog whilst you are on a short break or long weekend. Lots of space, lots of light, lots of comfort and lots of fun together.

Bedroom/Living Room
These rooms are glass fronted, giving us a light, bright space with views over the gardens

  • 10 square metres bedroom/living room
  • Thermostatically controlled heated ceiling panels
  • Modern and comfy bed, resting area
  • Large plush rug for relaxing and rolling on.
  • Great for sociable dogs
  • Plenty of room for play and toys!

Outdoor Space
We have a large exercise and play area in front of the building.

London Suite Daily Fees:

1 Dog £27
2 Dogs £39
3 Dogs £50
4 Dogs £62

Artists at Play

Studio Suites (XL)

4 x Small Dogs Family Suites

A large dog room with a full size bed and sofa, a TV high up on the wall and a Winnie The Pooh theme

Our Studios are especially for our small dog guests.

Each room is sumptuously furnished and decorated with private gardens for owners who want somewhere extra special and spacious for their dogs. With extra walkies!

Our unique suites have fun, original themes to ensure your dog feels completely able to express themselves as the artisans in play that they are.

Bedroom & Living Area- en Suite
Sleep area with garden views and a comfy full size bed for your dog to relax on. Integral living area with full size sofa, TV and plenty of room to play.

  • 12ft x 10ft luxury bedroom with integral living area
  • Underfloor heating for constant warmth on chilly nights
  • Non-slip Marble floors
  • Full-size bed - for ultimate comfort
  • Two-seater leather sofa
  • Flat Screen TV & DVD Player to feel completely at home
  • Intriguing views from double-glazed patio doors overlooking our stunning gardens

Private Garden
There's nothing like stretching out and doing your dog yoga in the fresh air, having a good play and the odd spot of sunbathing in your own personal space.

  • Own private garden 30m sq
  • 4 walks daily in our 1 acre play paddocks

Studio Daily Fees:

1 Dog £32
2 Dogs £46
3 Dogs £60
4 Dogs £74

Modern Living

Modern Suites (L)

Double Suites

Dog kennels with glass fronts looking over a well lit corridor which leads to the garden

Modern, light space and no overlooking the neighbours.

Each kennel is 9 square metres and has underfloor heating and glass fronts to allow in lots of light.

Outdoor Space
For exercise, our guests have access to a 200 sq meter artificially grassed area for supervised play, as well as exercising in our secure 1 acre paddock.

We care about ensuring safety and security, and the building is fully alarmed.

Modern Suite Daily Fees:

1 Dog £27
2 Dogs £39
3 Dogs £50
4 Dogs £62

Our dog suites are
Spacious, Light
& Bright

and overlook our beautiful gardens.

Our dog suites are
Spacious, Light & Bright
and overlook our beautiful gardens.

Perfect for Pets

Perfect for Pets

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I hope you've loved seeing our beautiful dog suites and our guests having fun.

If you would like to see them for yourself, or if you have any queries (no matter how large or small), please don't hesitate to talk to us.

We will be delighted to walk you through the gardens, play areas and talk you through the care your dog will receive with us.

You will always be welcomed warmly at Westlodge. Marc x

For further information, or if you have any questions or would like to visit us ~ please feel free to ask me (Marc) or any of the Westlodge Staff for details


You are very welcome to make an appointment for a viewing.

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