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Cat Suites

from £21 per day

Gorgeous Cat Boarding in Cambridgeshire

Our cat suites are filled with natural daylight, gorgeous decor, beautiful views and the most comfortable, luxuriously soft cat beds.

They are built with the highest welfare, hygiene and construction standards.

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Cat Suites like no other, especially designed for the ultimate in feline holiday accommodation.

We care for all ages, from kittens up to senior cats and very elderly cats.

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Highest Standards

Focused on Quality

We focus on quality of feline care and accommodation and our boarding cattery is built to the highest standards (built by a business accredited with the British Quality Standards Award), minimising the risk of the spread of feline diseases, and creating a healthy, stimulating and safe place for cats to stay.

The benefits include it being light, bright and hygienic, cool in summer and warm in winter (due to well insulated, light reflective high gloss panelling and multi-level and heat-reflective polycarbonate roofing).

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Complete Care

We take security very seriously and the welfare and safety of our guests is our utmost priority.

We have CCTV on the front of the property, the gardens and on every entrance. All main buildings have alarms. Multiple sensors cover the gardens.

Should anyone approach the kennels and cattery the sensors trigger the alarm before anyone can get to any doors. We live on site and people are here 24/7. The alarm can been heard in the house and also triggers my phone to alert me instantly.

Marc, owner of Westlodge Pet Hotel

Now, let's view the Cat Suites!

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Stretch Those Paws!

We chose the size of our suites carefully. They're extra large, as all active cats need their space, cat families need even more, and all cat guests love to relax and stretch.

Large cat room with purple bedding and cat furniture
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Cat sitting on purple cat tree, with her bedroom area in the background
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Cat resting on a cat tree with a background mural of the ocean and sky
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Light & Bright

Natural Light

Our cat hotel is light and bright, providing lots of natural daylight for the cats in our care. They can bask in the warmth of the sun in comfort and safety.

Pretty cat sitting on a leopard print cat tree with sunny garden views behind her
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Cat rubbing her face happily on a purple cat tree
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Cat looking out over sunny gardens through large windows
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Soft & Comfy

Luscious Bedding

We have taken great care to choose the softest, comfiest bedding that's also stunning!

All ready for a quick cat nap, a morning snooze, an afternoon siesta and of course, bedtime with a treat (or even better, a furry friend).

We are very happy to have your cat bring any special comfort items that they love. This could be favourite toys, blankets or bedding they love to snuggle up in.

Gorgeous Ragdoll cat resting on a Victorian style brass bed with leopard print bedding
Ornate frame
Cat comfily resting in a snow leopard print bed with leopard print background in her bedroom
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Two black and white kittens snuggling up in a furry collared igloo bed
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Garden Views

Full of Interest

Panoramic views over our gardens, Koi Carp pond and wildlife areas.

Safe and secure - safety glass, secure galvanised steel mesh for fresh air, extra strength and security.

See our Gardens & Grounds.

Cat gazing out over sunny gardens, an aviary and fish pond from her leopard print bedroom
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Cat enjoying a rest in her comfy leopard print bedroom next to a large window with sunny garden views
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Large cat sitting on top of a cat tree with amazing sunny garden views from a large window
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Cat Play Areas

Purrfect Platforms

Our tall cat furniture is ready for happy paws to rest and play on, climb, jump and watch what's going on from different vantage points. Cats love being up high - they feel safe, have the best views and it's lovely and warm!

Gorgeous tabby cat nuzzling her cat tree
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Cat sitting on top of her purple cat tree
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Cat resting in her cat tree basking in the sunlight
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Our Extras


We do not charge anything for administering medication for your cat.


Every cat is brushed and cared for individually throughout the day by their dedicated member of staff.


Some of our suites have water fountains included. We always make sure there is plenty of water for cats with kidney issues.


Our guests are well fed with food they love and enjoy that keeps them healthy with a choice from our extensive feline menu.

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Cat Suites

Our Cat Suites are filled with daylight, are extra-large and have stunning views.

Woodland Dream

The Lodge Apartment (XXXL)

1 x Supersized Family Suite

Very large cat apartment with murals of windows looking out to a sunlit forest with large cat trees and furniture

With a sunlit woodland theme, this suite is simply ginormous! Perfect for a cat family, active acrobats, those who love a good game of chase and, of course - the utterly indulged. Extra tickles included!

Bedroom - en Suite
Cosy up for the night (or even an afternoon cat nap) and snuggle into a lovely soft bed. Your own personal door encased in our door allows you to indulge in a litte stargazing or nighttime wildlife watching at your leisure.

Wraparound Terrace
Wow - you can really stretch those paws in here. All kinds of platforms, games, toys, snuggly hammocks for daydreaming in and space to do cat yoga and run zoomies all around the room.

The Lodge Daily Fees:

1 Cat £29
2 Cats £34
3 Cats £39
4 Cats £44

Sun Sea Sand

Ocean Suites (XL)

2 x Extra Large Family Suites

Very large cat room with murals of sea and sky with large cat trees and furniture

There's lots more room for your cat to relax and feel like they're on holiday right by the ocean.

Bedroom - en Suite
Sleep area with ocean views and the most comfy beds for your cat to rest and relax in.

Sun Terrace
Outside area with extra large scratching posts for your cat to play or just relax on.

Ocean Suites Daily Fees:

1 Cat £25
2 Cats £31
3 Cats £36
4 Cats £40

Leopard Love

V.I.C Suites (L)
Very Important Cats

2 x Large Double Suites with Extra Garden Views

Very large cat room with murals of leopard print with large cat trees and furniture

Pamper your lovely leopard whilst you are on holiday.

Bedroom - en Suite
Our 2 Very Important Cat Suites have an exclusive view over our Koi Carp Pond, and each has a Four Poster luxury cat bed as well as a matching leopard print Chaise Longue (how divine, darling!) for your cat to have the ultimate time for relaxation and pampering.

The pens are heated by the very latest in slimline panel heaters that maintain a constant temperature for your cat's comfort during the colder months of the year.

They also have their own water fountains and favourite meals from ceramic dishes to preserve flavours and for that special touch.

Marvellous cat trees and jumping platforms are all yours with hiding places and gorgeous garden views all around.

VIC Suites Daily Fees:

1 Cat £22
2 Cats £29
3 Cats £35

Feline Fun

Themed Suites (L)

9 x Large Family Suites

Very large cat room with zen theme with large cat trees and furniture

All of our unique suites have fun, original feline themes to ensure your cat feels completely amongst their own. Our latest is The Zen Suite (shown here).

Bedroom - en Suite
Comfy beds, great views and a private resting area to recover from all that wildlife watching.

Sun Room
Lovely light and bright area with garden views and room to play your favourite games.

  • Zen Suite - for reassuring calm and inner peace.
  • Aristocats Suite - for cats who know where it's at.
  • Bagpuss Suite - for big yawns and settling down.
  • Felix Suite - perfect for your little rascal.
  • Garfield Suite - for the true master/mistress of your home.
  • Pink Panther Suite - for an absolute diamond who's always up to something.
  • Tigger Suite - for a spirited and fun-loving little tiger.
  • Tom & Jerry Suite - the ideal place for a rest from chasing around.
  • Top Cat Suite - for the laid-back leader who's your devoted friend.

Themed Suites Daily Fees:

1 Cat £21
2 Cats £27
3 Cats £34

Our cat suites are
Spacious, Light
& Bright

and overlook our beautiful gardens.

Our cat suites are
Spacious, Light & Bright
and overlook our beautiful gardens.

Perfect for Pets

Perfect for Pets

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I hope you've loved seeing our gorgeous cat suites and our guests having fun.

If you would like to see them for yourself, or if you have any queries (no matter how large or small), please don't hesitate to talk to us.

We will be delighted to walk you through the gardens and talk you through the care your cat will receive with us.

You will always be welcomed warmly at Westlodge. Marc x

For further information, or if you have any questions or would like to visit us ~ please feel free to ask me (Marc) or any of the Westlodge Staff for details


You are very welcome to make an appointment for a viewing.

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